My Grapples With Hesitation

No matter who you are, this single word has at some point, prevented you from taking what you wanted from life.
So why do we hesitate when we know confidence is what will help us succeed?
While I can not speak for others, I have always found that the answer lies in fear.

Particularly the fear that I’m not good enough, creative enough, or smart enough. I’m 19 years old and nowhere near professional. Yet still, the fear of being recognized as unpolished or being rejected is paralyzing for me. I find that when I feel like something I’m creating is something I’m proud of I get the most defensive, and ultimately find a reason not to share it with the world. I’m afraid to fail..

And this fear of failure has prevented me from giving things my 100% since I was a kid. Because, if you never try how can you fail? Right?

This has been my philosphy for most of my life and as a result, I have nothing to be proud of.

If this is something that has affected your life promise today to me, that you’re done protecting yourself. That you’re ready to risk being hurt and that you’re ready to risk failing. This is a promise I’ve made for myself this year. This is the year of throwing caution to the wind and being what you want to be.
If hesitation is something you also struggle with feel free to reach out to me!
I’m always interested in listening and helping others out.

Stay motivated and do what you love,


via Daily Prompt: Hesitate



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